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    Japan has the best commercials 

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    The original Grove Street

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    this is a necessity for me

    dude the oxford comma is the shit i am all up on that bitch like woo woo


    all right, you’ve convinced me. 

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    I remember my trip two years ago, to San Francisco. I took a cab to this bridge while my sister was on a conference call. I stood there for about two hours, looking down, people watching, and wondering how far down the water was. A girl sat next to me, and asked me, “You’re not going to jump„ are you?” I smiled and reassured her I wasn’t. That I was just a tourist. She then said, “You look a lot like my sister. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. But I had to ask, can I hug you? You just look so much like her.” I felt awkward at first, but then I realized. “She jumped?” This girl’s face just crumpled, and she started crying. I hugged her, without a second thought, and for some reason I apologized. Not sure what else I could say. She goes, “Those were the last words she ever spoke to me.”

    And I will never forget this girl, her name was Ariana.

    reblogging just for the caption, omg. 

    crying because of the caption omfg

    awww i’m about to cry ;(

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    Marge Simpson, words to live by. 

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